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Stop Being Invisible

Are you missing out on clients because you struggle to produce marketing content regularly and with confidence?

Maybe you started a blog but didn’t carry on.

You want to do a newsletter but don’t know what to say.

And does anybody ever really know what to put on social media?


This is what you WANT…

More leads and prospects so you can get more clients and make more money.


This is what you NEED…

A purpose, a plan, and a simple process so you can get more consistent exposure to become the sought-after expert.


Create and distribute helpful or entertaining content and people will get to know, like, and trust you. It also positions your expertise, and that’s what leads people closer to a sale.

But you have to commit to producing that content.

Mentoring Invitation

I’m passionate about content marketing and how it can kick start or skyrocket your business. As your content creation mentor, I help you establish and plan your content strategy. You'll receive advice, guidance, some training, feedback, and handholding as required.

Together we create a purposeful content approach that you can reuse again and again.

Mentoring is not just about sharing knowledge, you also learn how to apply it. Get ready to be more organized and in control.


I’m happy to coach and share many tips and tricks and secrets that will make your marketing life easier and more impactful. Occasionally I even do some of the writing for you. 

Check out your options below.  

Bonnie Chomica l Your Marketing Mentor l Canada

Not sure where to start?



One-on-One Coaching
6 months

My most popular coaching option, you have high access to me so that you can get more for a reasonable investment. You’ll learn marketing best practices, get valuable feedback on your content, and expert direction on how to prioritize and plan your messaging approach.

This is for you if you’re starting your business and need to learn how to create and implement your content. It’s also great if you’ve been trying to do things on your own and just can’t get consistent, or you’ve got a solid content foundation and are ready to scale your income and influence.

Regardless of where you are, you want to move ahead and need direction, guidance, and accountability so you can make better decisions with the why, what, and how to create interesting and action-oriented, client-attracting content.

Your situation is unique and you can’t be an entrepreneur alone.  I’d be thrilled to be your guide and advisor.  Cheerleading and handholding as required.

Contact me to find out all the details.


One-on-One VIP Day

6 hours

Are you working on a specific project, or goal? This is a good option to get focused advice on one strategy. We’ll spend a 6 hour day doing a deep dive into completing a project or developing a plan to launch or implement one.

This is good for you if you need help with a funnel, product launch, new program, communications plan, or anything to bring more revenue.

Let's discuss your goals and how this can work for you.


One-on-One "Try Me Out"

3 calls

A great place to start if you haven’t done coaching, have never met me or followed me, or not sure how I can help.

This is for you if you know you need a help because you’re stuck or don’t know what to do with your content marketing, and want to test the waters around coaching. It can also work for you if you think you can’t afford much yet, but know you need some laser-focused direction to get traction.

You'll receive three 60-minute coaching calls to work on something specific or create a content marketing foundation so you can start to attract more leads. Email support and cheerleading included.

Grab some much needed coaching support!



Website Content

Your website is the hub of your business and the most important content you’ll ever create. The idea of writing content for all your pages can be daunting and it’s usually where your website project stalls.

Let me take my fresh perspective and over 30 years of writing and marketing  experience and get your website content created for you!

Each website build is different,
so please contact me to find out what your project would look like.


Email Nurture Series

If you’ve created a lead magnet (freebie, lead generator) to get email addresses onto your list, you need a follow up email sequence to nurture that new lead.  It’s where you start to build a relationship, to build that know, like, and trust factor. And, there is a particular strategy behind them and a formula for each email.

Are you avoiding writing your own sequence? Do you even know how to write an email nurture series? Or maybe you just want to knock it off your to do list.

Learn more about how I can write them for you.

It’s time to take action.

My mission is to guide you from confusion and uncertainty about content creation to Clarity and Confidence. Together, we’ll confirm your goals and logical strategies, create a manageable plan, and actually implement that plan. I’ll be right by your side (virtually) to guide you and cheer you on.

Ready to say goodbye to overwhelm and indecision and say hello to smart content marketing so you can sign up more clients?


To get started, let's have a chat. 



Marketing Checkup

Have you ever had anybody review your website? I mean, really look at it with an eagle eye. What about your social media presence, or your emails? 

It’s important to find out how you’re coming across to your audience. Is your messaging clear? Are you converting to anything? What is their experience with you.

Using my expert perspective, I take the pulse of your current online presence, and then provide a personalized prescription for recommended changes. I’ll confirm what’s working, assess where any gaps are, and provide expert advice on where you need to improve.

A second set of eyes on your marketing can reveal things you didn’t even know.

Discover more about why this is so important for your business!

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