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Failing in Your Followup?

Need more clients?
Get a personalized email nurture series written for you, so you can move more people to a sale!

Did You Know This?

A great deal of time and energy is spent on creating a lead magnet but not so much effort on an email follow up series. And that’s a big mistake!

The email sequence to your new leads is your opportunity to nurture a relationship and earn their trust with strategic email messages. If you don’t follow up right away, and with the right messaging, you’re leaving money on the table.

Or what about this?

To create a connection and build a relationship that leads to a revenue exchange (e.g., a sale), stats show that it takes 7-14 conversations or touch points before people even takes steps forward to exchange dollars. 

Follow up emails are the most efficient and effective ways to stay in touch and keep nudging people to be part of that 7-14 touch points.

So, are you creating them? Do you even know what they are? Or are you using them but not getting results?

This is for You If...

This is for you if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner who created a lead magnet (lead generator/ freebie/optin incentive) and hopes it will bring in a boat load of clients. But what often happens is:

  • You collect email addresses but don’t do anything with them

  • You send one autoresponder with a download but nothing else

  • You think the lead magnet is fine to use on its own

  • You hate writing, or aren’t confident with what to write

  • You get all confused with marketing tech speak

  • You are too busy to think about creating multiple emails

NO MORE EXCUSES for not having a follow up email nurture series to leverage your lead magnet!

Here's How to Get Help


What if I write those emails for you so they have a bigger impact and lead people closer to a sale? 


This is a done-for-you copywriting service to focus on your lead follow ups. You'll receive a compelling email follow up series to build and nurture a relationship with your hot leads, so they're primed to buy from you.


I will write a 3-email sequence for you, so that you:

  • Keep top of mind with your new contact

  • Position yourself with trust and respect

  • Lead them to your next step

Instead of putting it off, hand it over to me and I'll get your email sequence written, professionally, and strategically. One less thing on your to-do list.

Don't let those leads slip away. Let me help you nurture them the right way.

Email Nurture Series

3 Pack

Only $497

limited time offer 

(value $697)

Julie Jones Image.jpg

Wow! Just wow!
I love these emails and you captured me so well and what I do. I’m highly impressed. I'll definitely connect for support with more content.


~Julie Jones [The Adventures of Julie Jones & Get Shit Done Coaching]

Here's What You Get!

These emails are not templates that sound like everybody else. You get a customised 3-email sequence to position yourself so that people will look forward to hearing from you, to get to know you, and experience your value.

Each email is:

Bonnie Chomica l Develop Content Plan

Written to sound like you

Specific to your audience

Relates to your email capture

Showcases your expertise

Builds on future content

Includes calls to action

What's In It for You?


The email writing is done for you. Professionally and Personalised. You don’t have to stress about it, research how to do it, or keep putting it off. Instead of missing out on opportunities with your new leads, you’ll be warming them up so when they’re ready to buy, you’ll be top of mind.

[Alternatively, I can write a nurture series for your lead captures for speaking events, webinar/workshops, website news signups, and more.]

Why You Don't Want to Wait!


This nurture email series is a critical investment in the growth of your business. 

I've had people not hire me as a writer because they think it's frivolous, like hiring a house cleaner or someone to mow your lawn. This is a way bigger deal than dusting your shelves or keeping your grass cut. This is your livelihood!

If you don't take advantage of this limited time offer, you're missing out on dollars in your bank account.

​Sign up today!  

Email Nurture Series

3 Pack

Only $497

for a limited time

(value $697)

Bonnie Chomica l Your Marketing Mentor l Canada

I'm Bonnie

As a marketing coach and copywriter, I recognize your desire to be found, to be heard, and to be paid. The problem is you didn't think marketing your business would be so hard and frustrating. 

As a business owner since 2012, and 30+ years as a marketing communications professional, I have experienced firsthand the struggle and confusion of doing content marketing on my own. Asking for help can make all the difference.

​To get started, grab this generous one time offer for some copywriting to change your business!

Stop struggling with being invisible. Instead, position yourself as the recognized "go-to" expert so you'll attract more high-paying clients, who appreciate your value.

Bonnie Chomica l Happy Clients l Testimonials.jpg

Happy Clients

"Feeling insecure about my marketing, Bonnie's mentoring allowed me to zero in, focus, and get things done. She made it easy, with some structure, excellent suggestions, and much needed handholding."

~ Deborah Marcia Rubin

"Bonnie helped me navigate the somewhat overwhelming world of online marketing. Her step-by-step, patient and pleasant approach, gave me the confidence to develop new ways of promoting my business."

~ Bonnie Evoy

"I didn't have much confidence in how to plan to create and distribute my content. Bonnie's mentoring process was very easy to follow and I loved how it was tailored specifically for my business."

~ Permelia Parham

Jeannie Dougherty.jpg

I didn't want to figure it all out.

I knew right away Bonnie could help me with an email nurture campaign for a powerful free tool I offer on my website. After an excellent conversation about my audience and goals for the project, she wrote a 3 email series that was clear, concise, and inviting for the reader. I love them! Bonnie is so wise and clear about how to capture your voice and make sure it radiates to your clients! Her gifts and talents are a valuable return on investment.

~Jeannie Dougherty [Money & Mental Fitness Coach]

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