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Elevating Your Visibility

Bonnie Chomica l Marketing Mentor l Canada

Hi there, I'm Bonnie.

And I totally get how frustrating, confusing, and just plain hard marketing can be. I’ve been in the marketing game for over 35 years, and for myself as a business owner since 2012.

Marketing as a profession sort of fell in my lap. A former boss recognized my writing and creative skills and offered me a new position in the corporation I worked for at the time. I’ve been a marketing nerd ever since.

Idea development, the creative process, project management, and the tech to implement. And the incredible satisfaction of seeing things all come together.

I love it all.

As your Marketing Mentor, my role is to help you become more proficient in all those areas, so you can get more visibility to show off your expertise. And I understand how you might need some direction or advice to make sense of it all. So, I am a patient mentor eager to demystify things, and ready to coach you towards a strong marketing foundation to grow and strengthen your business.

My corporate career is where I sharpened my copywriting and content writing skills, and they continue to improve. Managing events and tradeshows was also a big part of my career development with project management details, people skills, and creating efficient processes to help get us to show time.

In my own business, I used to do marketing for people; mostly writing, social media management, and email marketing. Then I started to attract solopreneur women who wanted mentoring so they could establish a solid marketing strategy. That was so much more rewarding, and I knew I could help more people.

You are on a mission to do great things and make an impact.

I love that!

But you need to be seen and heard. That’s going to take a plan. A content plan.

My strengths lie in making things easy to understand and creating processes to be more efficient and consistent. Together, let’s make your marketing efforts more manageable and focused, so you can get your message in front of more people.  


Fun Facts About Me


I didn’t own a car until I was 50 years old. I lived in big cities (Winnipeg, Toronto, and Calgary) where I could walk, take transit everywhere, or hop in a taxi. I didn’t have to worry about payments, insurance, or parking. When I needed a vehicle, I just rented one.


My husband and I own a third of an acre on Vancouver Island where we’ve grown a food forest. I cannot believe how much food we produce for just the two of us. Canning, drying, and three full freezers sustain us throughout the year. We can also barter for chickens, fish, and eggs. It’s lots of fun.


I absolutely adore Astronaut movies. I am in awe of the courage people have to live in such confined areas and venture into space, into the unknown. I’ve been to the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida twice, and I’d go again.

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