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Marketing Checkup

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Improve your website & online marketing with a Professional's Expertise.

(Hint: a 2nd set of unbiased eyes will reveal things you didn't even know about)

Did you know that without a strong digital foundation, no other guru techniques or growth acceleration strategies are going to work?

Without an effective website or online presence, it would be like trying to drive a car with no tires. You need the ability to move forward, shift gears, and accelerate.


Here’s the problem you face: your website and online activities are inconsistent, incomplete, or incomprehensive.

Which means people won’t find your website, they won’t stick around if they do, and most certainly won’t be interacting with your social media or emails.


Luckily for you, there’s a solution!


Let me introduce you to the Marketing Checkup to uncover where your marketing may be broken or need improving, and to emphasize what is working.  

  • Professional perspective trumps your family & friends’ input

  • Fresh eyes will always uncover things you didn’t notice

  • New opportunities to create clarity will drive momentum

  • Online foundation elements support your marketing efforts

  • Content advice drives your exposure and visibility

  • Intentional content will showcase your authority

Why should you get a Marketing Checkup from me?

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Hi, I’m Bonnie Chomica, and marketing is my jam - content marketing, specifically.

Over 30 years in the marketing and writing game and a business owner since 2012, I’ve been in the trenches.

Let’s face it. Marketing is a big fat word that means different things, and can take you to so many levels, and down so many holes.

You seriously need a foundation of working parts. Make your presence clear and compelling, and then you can take off and grow like crazy.

Get a Marketing Checkup so you can clean up house and prepare for company (web and social traffic).

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at these ladies!

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Simple and Actionable

“Sometimes you get stuck in your own head when doing your marketing, and that can hold you back. Having an expert like Bonnie view it all with an outside perspective really helped create a clear path in my mind of what I’m doing and why. I loved her simple process and actionable recommendations.”

~Brittany Barton, Iron and Pearl Financial

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A Valuable Experience

“I attained a lot of clarity during Bonnie’s Marketing Checkup. She affirmed what is working for me now, and identified what I’m missing out on. I came away with action items that are clear and doable that will help me attract more clients. Bonnie is a wealth of knowledge, is organized, and highly professional. This was a valuable experience!”

~Sheila Leclerc, Life Coach



Essentially, I take the pulse of your current marketing, diagnose what’s working and what’s not, and then provide you with a personalized prescription of how to improve what you’re doing.

  • Comprehensive audit of your website, social media, email, and online assets/activities

  • Feedback about your content, writing style, audience appeal, effectiveness

  • Observation and advice on images, content design, navigation

  • Posting strategy, consistency, engagement, etc.

  • Prescription delivered via Zoom recording for easy reference to make changes

Your Special Investment

The Marketing Checkup is a steal

at only $297!

Remember, your friends and family love you, and therefore will love what you’ve created, regardless of any errors or missing bits.

My 2nd set of eyes, will give you a clearer perspective on your marketing with easy-to-understand observations and recommendations.

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Comprehensive, Insightful, & Practical

The process and feedback I received from Bonnie’s Marketing Checkup was extremely valuable. She recommended how to improve and address the gaps in my marketing materials, including my website and blog, social media platforms, lead magnet, and email nurture series. The details Bonnie explained in our recorded session were comprehensive, insightful, and practical. I highly recommend this service to improve your marketing effectiveness.

~ Pamela Thompson, Creative Life Coaching & Consulting

When I see you've purchased, I'll send an email to arrange a quick call to get your Marketing Checkup started. 

1. A quick 15-minute call to clarify info and learn a bit about you

2. Then I do all the work to diagnose your marketing

3. We book a 90-min Zoom call so I can deliver your marketing prescription

4. You'll get a recording to refer back to as you implement recommendations

Email me if you have any questions:

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