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The Secret to Good Content is ‘YOU’

Written by Bonnie Chomica

Do you struggle to make a connection with your audience? Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re sending a blog post, or email, or posting on social media. Did they actually see your content, or even read it?

Today, I’m sharing a crucial tip to ensure you can grab your readers’ attention and keep them interested in what content you’re producing.

Whenever you create any kind of content, you need to first think of your ideal client, your avatar. Then write like you’re speaking directly to them – to that one person. Even if it’s audio or video, communicate like you’re having a dialogue with your reader versus talking to a group or a crowd.

YOU Language

In grammar-land, using the word YOU is using ‘the second person’, versus I/Me/We/Us (first person) or He/She/They/It (third person). You don’t need to get all technical, just focus on using the words Your, Yours, You’re, and you’ll draw your audience into your message. It makes your marketing material more personal, and friendly. It sounds more conversational.

Make it all about them, not all about you. Focus on the reader, listener, or viewer, that one person who is looking at your email, your website, or maybe your lead magnet. They’ll feel more involved, connected. It’s how you build a relationship.

Here’s an example from a web page:

Many people who visit our museum bring their kids. or Bring your kids to our museum.

Do you see what I did there? Instead of talking to the masses, ‘people’, I worded it to be more personal, “Hey, you, bring your kids.” The first sentence, you’re likely to skip over, the second one makes you pay attention.

Here’s an example from an advertisement:

We’re having a big hot tub sale this weekend. or You could be soaking in a hot tub tonight.

Which ad are you likely to pay more attention to?

Why Use ‘YOU’?

If you use I or we, or your company name, too many times, it becomes all about you. As a reader, I don’t care about you, I care about me, and what you can do for me. Your readers are selfish and lazy. They want things easy, and fast.

Think about how you read or view things. If it says you, do you pay more attention to it?

When you scan the Internet, you’re often looking for answers and solutions? Do you care how long our company has been in business, or that my grandfather started it? Or are you looking for those words that can help you with your need?

Writing Examples

Here are some examples to help you make your content more focused on your target audience. Look at the before and after in each, then start thinking about how you can change your writing approach.

Email Message

Hello Fred, I enjoyed meeting you at the event. vs Hello Fred, You had some interesting viewpoints at the event.

The first line is about you, and what you enjoyed. The second line is about Fred, and gives him a compliment. He’ll take better notice of that approach.

Website Content

Since 1798, the Lee Jones Co. has been making blankets of every color. vs You can get a blanket in a color to match your decor

Event Poster

Anybody who wants to lose weight should attend this workshop vs Attend this workshop if you want to lose weight


We have 50 makes and models of cars vs You will find a car that suits your budget and lifestyle

These examples have been simplified, but I hope you get the point. If you have questions, or other examples, please leave a comment below.

It’s All About YOU

nWhat do your website, emails or social posts look like? How about your lead magnets, or video scripts? Are they about you or your readers’ challenges or desires? Because it's about them, they’ll pay more attention.

What do your website, emails or social posts look like? How about your lead magnets, or video scripts? Are they about you or your readers’ challenges or desires?

To get some unbiased feedback on your content creation let’s hop on a call to get YOU looked after.

PS. If you’re in business, you have to be a writer. Get more writing tips in this free E-Book – 9 Client-Attracting Writing Tips.

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