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🔥 4 of the hottest trends to get your emails opened in 2023

Writing and sending emails is one thing, but getting your subscribers to open them is quite another. Your subject line is what’s going to entice them to read your message.

Today I want to share something I learned that I’m confident will help you in your email marketing – the latest trends in subject lines that are increasing open rates.

I recently signed up for an Email Marketing conference in November called Guru 2023, and have been receiving tips by email, and on socials, and last week I attended a webinar with 5 amazing speakers sharing the latest and greatest about email.

Mind blowing! 🤯

I had to share with you just a snippet of what I learned, specifically about subject lines and the research showing what is increasing email open rates. I’m confident this will help you, because I’m seeing them in my own inbox.

Here are four of them to get you started.

#1 Less is More

You can stand out in the inbox with a short 20 characters or less subject line. Just 2 or 3 words can grab attention and pique curiosity. It’s different.

Stats show a 21% higher average open rate.


  • Past predictions

  • Timeout

  • Did you know?

  • Loaded question

  • Mixed signals

#2 Capitalize First Word

Instead of capitalizing each word like a headline or title, try capitalizing just the first word. It draws the eye to that word and leads to the rest of the subject line.

Stats show this is increasing open rates by 22%.

  • REGISTER before all the seats are gone

  • EASY guidelines for safe summer camping

  • ACTION for your family wellness

  • YOURS for the taking

  • WISE moves to get more clients

#3 Colons Make a Mark

Start with a declarative word or instructional phrase, insert a colon, and then finish the subject line. You are guiding your audience to read the whole thing.

Stats show a 21% increase in open rates

  • Important: This will change your business

  • Free Guide: Discover all the local secrets

  • Announcing: The latest tools to maximize your fitness program

  • For You: If you’re ready for a social enterprise

  • Download Today: 8 secrets to keep from your parents

#4 Emojis – Love them or Hate them

I’m a fan of emojis; I think they’re fun and expressive. Research shows that emojis, especially used at the beginning of a subject line are grabbing attention. Be sure they’re being used along with the message and your brand, and not just for the sake of using them.

📅 👀 ⏳✔️ ⏰

Emojis are moving open rates from 18% to a 25% increase.

From My Inbox

The following graphic shows just 3 random emails in my inbox using the 4 tips from above:

#2 Capitalize first word

#4 & #1 Emoji first, and less than 20 characters

#3 Colon use


My resources for this post are from Jay and Guru:

Guru 2023 The Conference – Sign up here

Final Thoughts

I have been using emojis in some subject lines, but I thought I'd try it in this blog Headline, too. I also used numbers, the word ‘trends’, and a benefit – all good fodder for subject lines 😊

Don't use the same tactic on All your subject lines. You have to mix them up to keep your content fresh, otherwise people will scroll right on by. Watch your inbox as I work on testing my own subject lines.

Wait, what?! You’re not receiving my weekly email with marketing tips to help you get more clients? 😮

Well, let’s fix that, shall we? Get in the know by signing up here and I’ll throw in a gift, too.

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