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How content planning is like meal planning

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

written by Bonnie Chomica

Have you ever started a blog, e-newsletter, or had a goal to produce regular social media post and then let it all just fall by the wayside?

Or do you publish the occasional blog post, an infrequent newsletter, or random social media content?

Those actions are not serving you well in the digital world where the competition for attention is fierce.

Similarly, have you ever tried meal planning? It can help you save time, save money, and help you achieve your health goals. But, you have to commit to the process in order to see results.

The same goes for content creation planning, plus it helps with your marketing and business goals.

Meal Planning Benefits

If you plan a week’s worth of meals before you grocery shop, you’ll buy only what you need.

  • You’ll save money on extra trips to the store and avoid more expensive fast food or convenience items.

  • You’ll save time on a daily basis because you’ll already know what will get prepared or cooked for a meal.

  • You’ll achieve your health goals faster because you’re organized and therefore better able to stay away from poor food choices.

Commit to the meal planning process and you’ll have a greater opportunity to achieve your goals.

Just like content planning.

Content Planning Benefits

Create More Visibility

When you distribute content sporadically, there’s a good chance that nobody is seeing your stuff. If you’re not producing consistently, the search engine and social media network algorithms (fancy set of computer rules) will not serve your content to your desired audience.

That keeps you invisible. That’s not good for business.

Send regular emails, create regular blog posts or videos, and be engaging on social media and you will become more visible and memorable. When people are ready to buy, you’re more likely to be top of mind. That’s how content marketing works.

Content planning helps you develop the habit of consistently sharing your wisdom. Produce value-added content that’s educational, entertaining, or enlightening (The 3 E’s), and you’ll build that all-important know, like, and trust factor with your audience.

You need to be consistently visible to build your authority.

Save Time

Have you ever sat like a deer in the headlights, stalled at what to post on your Facebook or Instagram, or send in your enewsletter?

We’ve all done it, but that random approach to creating content can actually take up more time.

When you leave content creation to the last minute, you’re often trying to fit it in to an already full schedule. Then what happens is you get paralyzed as you struggle with what to produce, and become that deer.

Consider your marketing goals? What content pieces need to be created, for what purpose, and on what topic or theme?

When you plan ahead, the ideas flow more easily and so does your commitment to the process.

Your time is money. So, the more organized you are with content creation planning the more efficient you’ll be with your time. Use your time wisely and you’ll have a more successful outcome.

Create Healthier Outcomes

Back to meal planning, one of the main goals there is to achieve a healthier outcome. You make better choices and are less likely to be swayed to the dark side of food intake or shopping.

Develop a content planning routine and you’ll reduce decision fatigue because you’re constantly creating ideas. You’ll feel less stressed with what content to create because you’re being proactive and more strategic.

You’ll be more likely to achieve marketing and business goals helping you feel happier and more accomplished.

Final Thoughts

If you’re SERIOUS about GROWING your business and making a LOT OF MONEY, then you need to be a content creator. Commit to regular content creation planning and you’ll stay more organized, motivated, and able to produce better results.

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