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Go from best kept secret to highly visible expert, FREE 15-minute Discover Call with me l Your Marketing Mentor

Use these tips to attract more clients.

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Are you and your message being ignored?

Bonnie Chomica l Leaf

Are You Confused by
Content Marketing?

It's overwhelming! Too many things to consider and do. How does it all fit together?


Are You Invisible to Your Market?

People can't find your website, don't open your emails, and never read your social media posts.


Are You Spinning Your  Wheels?

You're spending time and wasting money and not getting the results you want and need.

Using the right approach, language, and consistency, you will develop your own process of how to generate more leads. Content marketing mentoring will give you the knowledge, tools, and feedback you need to improve your  content creation skills so that you can create revenue-generating opportunities.

Bonnie Chomica
Content Creation Mentor

Hello, I'm Bonnie

As your Content Creation Mentor, I recognize your desire to be found, to be heard, and to be paid. The problem is you didn't think marketing your business would be so hard and frustrating. And all those courses, blog posts, and videos you've consumed don't tell you specifically what to do for YOUR business.

As a business owner since 2012, and 30+ years as a marketing communications professional, I have experienced first hand the struggle and confusion of doing content marketing on my own. Asking for help can make all the difference.

​As your advisor, guide, and cheerleader, together we create a solid content creation foundation with a clear message across all your platforms to position you as a subject matter expert. To get started, all you need to do is book a FREE call.

Stop struggling with being invisible. Instead, position yourself as the recognized "go-to" expert so you'll attract more high-paying clients, who appreciate your value.

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Bonnie Chomica's quote

To get more leads and become the 'Go To' Authority,
mentoring will help you discover how to.

Bonnie Chomica l Develop Content Plan

Position yourself as an expert, so you become a sought-after authority

Generate topic ideas, so you always know what to write about (or say)

Develop a content plan, so you develop revenue generating opportunities

Approach your content creation, so your messages are easily consumable by your audience

Use a content calendar, so you are consistently producing content efficiently and using time wisely

Book a FREE Content Prosperity Call

Your Mentorship Journey


Assess Your Situation

Together, we'll identify what you want to achieve then move to clarify the right content platforms that position you as the Go-to Expert.


Create a Plan

Develop a simple, manageable, success plan to get more visibility in the marketplace, with many practical content creation steps.


Implement Your Plan

Get invaluable feedback on your work - what's good and what needs improving, so that you strengthen your content creation skills and build confidence.

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Happy Mentees

"Feeling insecure about my marketing, Bonnie's mentoring allowed me to zero in, focus, and get things done. She made it easy, with some structure, excellent suggestions, and much needed handholding."

~ Deborah Marcia Rubin

"Bonnie helped me navigate the somewhat overwhelming world of online marketing. Her step-by-step, patient and pleasant approach, gave me the confidence to develop new ways of promoting my business."

~ Bonnie Evoy

"I didn't have much confidence in how to plan to create and distribute my content. Bonnie's mentoring process was very easy to follow and I loved how it was tailored specifically for my business."

~ Permelia Parham

COVER 9 Writing Tips eBook 2022 3D.png

My Gift To You !

Do people leave your website, toss out your brochures, or ignore your social media posts?
In this free, 22-page E-Book, discover how to make a better connection with your audience with these easy-to-use writing tips that you can start practising today.

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