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Crush Your Content
Build or enhance your content foundation!

Are you ready to discover the best way to attract more clients and make more money!

If so, then get ready to create impactful content!

Why aren’t you creating content regularly? Let me guess…

You don’t have time.

You don’t know what to create.

You don’t believe anybody will read/watch it.

I’m Bonnie Chomica, the Content Creation Mentor, and I hear these same challenges from my clients. Sometimes one excuse, sometimes all three. I help you dissolve those barriers so you can create enticing content that people want to hear. You'll deliver it with confidence because you're the subject expert, and without taking up your whole week.

Are you staying invisible?

Content marketing should be a focus of all your marketing. It’s how people see and hear your message, and discover your expertise, so they can experience your awesomeness.

If you’re not consistently creating content on various platforms, then you

  • Are not getting your message in front of enough people

  • Could be hiding from your own insecurities and “head trash”

  • Are not reaching all the people waiting for you to help or serve

  • Miss out on massive exposure and visibility

  • May not be establishing your credibility and authority

  • Don’t have the plan and process to produce efficiently


I would love to invite you to give yourself permission to take the time and work on this very important part of your business. Because, this Crush Your Content training is going to help you totally transform your results this whole year and in the future.

Even for myself, when I committed to my own content marketing strategy, this is what happened:

  • increased traffic to my website over 300%

  • more than quadrupled my email list in 6 months

  • have more engagement in email and social

  • improved signup numbers for event

  • AND, significantly boosted my client list!

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"Feeling insecure about my marketing, Bonnie's helped me to zero in, focus, and get things done. She made it easy, with some structure, excellent suggestions, and much needed handholding."

~ Deborah Marcia Rubin

Here’s what Crush Your Content looks like:

Bonnie Chomica l Develop Content Plan

I’ve outlined a very specific 6-week program to develop your content creation foundation. Or if you’re already doing content marketing, you’ll discover how to close the gaps and improve on what you’re doing.

You’ll receive training on specific topics and best practices and have a chance to brainstorm ideas with me and the other entrepreneurs in class. You’ll also have a chance to work on specific content pieces and get feedback on what you create.

Each week we meet on Zoom for 90 minutes, with some instruction, interaction, and exercises. Each week you’ll have home work to implement what you learned. (approx. 1 -hour per week). This is a roll-up-your-sleeves experience, so you can get actual content created.

Week #1 - PLANNING


Establish content goals, be sure of your target audience pain points, and start brainstorming topic ideas. Discover how to use a content calendar to plan your delivery, campaigns, and promotions.

Week #4 - EMAIL


Statistics show email is a higher converting platform than social media. Discover how to outline a newsletter, and the basics of creating autoresponders and an introduction to nurture series.

Week #2 - WEBSITE


The hub of your business is not just a brochure. You’ll learn the baseline content required for your website, plus many ideas to make it a more effective marketing tool. Plus an intro to Headlines.



Forever expanding, it doesn’t matter what platform you're on, the principles are much the same to be consistent, encourage engagement, and be authentic. Gather ideas to up your social game.

Week #3 - BLOG/Video


The most powerful content marketing strategy, receive a framework to write headlines, outline, body structure, calls to action, design and distribution methods. This is useful for any article type content.

Week #6 - DESIGN


Knowing how people consume your content affects the design of your text, images, graphics, and even video and audio. We’ll showcase basic tools and exercises to get you some visible elements.

  • Weekly 90-minute calls on Zoom

  • Every Wednesday from 12:00 – 1:30 pm (PT)

  • Starts in Fall 2022

  • Private Facebook Group for questions and feedback

  • Training recordings

  • Handouts and worksheets

  • Homework exercises

  • Hot Seats


"Bonnie helped me navigate the somewhat overwhelming world of online marketing. Her step-by-step, patient and pleasant approach, gave me the confidence to develop new ways of promoting my business."

~ Bonnie Evoy

Crush Your Content

Discover how to develop a content creation plan so you’re confident in what you create and it won’t take you 20 hours a week.

Are you ready to get more exposure and attract more clients? GET ON THE WAIT LIST for fall course!

Not sure this is for you? 
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"I didn't have much confidence in how to plan to create and distribute my content. Bonnie's process was very easy to follow and I loved how I could tailor it specifically for my business."

~ Permelia Parham

You know you need this!

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re too busy or you may need to miss a class, or have a vacation day or appointment, that’s not the point. If you commit to the training, you will get the recordings even if you have to miss some class time. And if you actually do some of the work now, and you need more help, of course I’m here to direct you and give you feedback.

But you can’t just say no to it, “I’ll do it next time.”  But what if I don’t offer this training again, or next time you’re on vacation, and you’ll have some other excuse because the dates are bad.

There’s always something that’s going to be happening in your life, so why do you keep putting off what you know you need to do and work on. This is one of those things as an entrepreneur you know you need to develop and Master these content skills.

Crush Your Content will set you up with a solid foundation for content creation, so you can develop your Mastery and be that sought-after authority who attracts high-value clients.

Crush Your Content

Don't miss out!  Get on the WAIT LIST.

Class starts in mid fall!

Not sure this is for you? 
Book a quick call - Book Now

or email

Bonnie Chomica l Your Marketing Mentor l Canada

I'm Bonnie

As The Content Creation Mentor, I recognize your desire to be found, to be heard, and to be paid. The problem is you didn't think marketing your business would be so hard and frustrating. And all those courses, blog posts, and videos you've consumed don't tell you specifically what to do for YOUR business.

​As your advisor, guide, and cheerleader, together we'll create a solid content creation foundation with a clear message across all your platforms to position you as a subject matter expert.


All you have to do to get started is sign up for the Crush Your Content training.

Stop struggling with being invisible. Instead, learn how to consistently create content to position yourself as the recognized "go-to" expert so you'll attract more high-paying clients, who appreciate your value.

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