Stop Being Invisible

Do you struggle to produce marketing content – regularly and with confidence?

Maybe you started a blog but didn’t carry on.

You want to do a newsletter but don’t know what to say.

And does anybody ever really know what to put on social media?


This is what you WANT…

More leads and prospects so you can get more clients and make more money.


This is what you NEED…

A purpose, a plan, and a simple process so you can get more consistent exposure to become the sought-after expert.


Create and distribute helpful or entertaining content and people will get to know, like, and trust you. It also positions your expertise, and that’s what leads people closer to a sale.

But you have to commit to producing that content.

Mentoring Invitation

As a content creation mentor, I help you establish and plan your content strategy. You'll receive advice, guidance, some training, feedback, and handholding as required.

Together we create a purposeful content approach that you can reuse again and again.

Mentoring is not just about sharing knowledge, you also learn how to apply it.


Get ready to be more organized and in control. I’m happy to coach and share many tips and tricks and secrets that will make your marketing life easier and more impactful.

​And I dare say more fun!

Bonnie Chomica l Your Marketing Mentor l Canada

Service Options


One-on-One Coaching

You can get support from several different options. They range from a 2-hour intensive to laser-focus on a content creation project, to long-term coaching for ongoing guidance and support.

Please book a call so we can discuss what would be best for you and your goals.

Book a call here.

It’s time to take action.

My mission is to guide you from confusion and uncertainty about content creation to Clarity and Confidence. Together, we’ll confirm your goals and logical strategies, create a manageable plan, and actually implement that plan. I’ll be right by your side (virtually) to guide you and cheer you on.

Ready to say goodbye to overwhelm and indecision and say hello to smart content marketing and resulting in more clients?


To get started, book a free 20-minute Zoom call